Giving to Cornell from international assets is easy, and we’re here to help. Your support helps Cornell educate the next generation of global citizens.

Giving with European assets

The Cornell University Foundation (UK) Ltd makes giving for UK taxpayers hassle-free and tax-efficient.

Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) enables donors in the participating countries listed below to facilitate gifts to the Cornell University Foundation (UK) Ltd. If you are a taxpayer living in one of the following countries, visit our country-specific information below:

Information for UK taxpayers

In most cases, giving through the UK Foundation will be the most tax-efficient way to give for individuals liable for taxes in the United Kingdom, or the UK and the US. Gifts to this UK-registered charity are also recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Relief may be available in both countries for the same gift.

Gifts to the foundation may be eligible for Gift Aid, a form of UK tax relief. <!– To determine your Gift Aid amount, please use our Gift Aid calculator. –> Note that higher- or additional-rate UK taxpayers may be entitled to claim the difference between the higher- or additional rate of tax (40% or 45%, respectively) and the basic rate of tax (20%) on the total, or gross, value of your gift to the UK Foundation.

Download our FAQ to learn more about the foundation (PDF, 88 KB).

Ready to make a gift to the foundation?

For cash gifts or checks, download and fill out our Gift Aid Declaration form (PDF, 123 KB) and send, along with your gift payable to the Cornell University Foundation (UK) Ltd., to:

  • Eileen Flood, Administrator
    Cornell University Foundation (UK) Ltd.
    19 Norcott Road
    London N16 7EJ
    United Kingdom

To talk to our foundation’s representatives, please contact Eileen Flood at 020-7502-2813 or To talk to a Cornell University officer, contact Diane Pierce at 607-254-7172 or

Download bank details for wire transfers. (PDF document, 55 KB)

Giving with other international assets

Have a question about making gifts with other international assets or need more help? Let us help you. To talk to a Cornell University officer, contact Diane Pierce at 607-254-7172 or