Cornell University is pleased to accept grants from Donor-Advised Funds (DAF). Please complete this form to alert the university of a Donor-Advised Fund grant that you have requested.

Grants from the Cornell University Foundation Donor-Advised-Fund:

For giving through your existing Cornell University Foundation Donor-Advised-Fund, please fill out this form to make a grant.

Grants from External Donor-Advised Funds:

Since externally managed Donor-Advised Funds can take time to be processed and sent, please submit this form to alert us of your grant. To count for FY24, checks need to be postmarked and/or wires received by June 30, 2024. To help make sure your grant is properly credited and designated, you may include verification from the DAF that the grant has been requested. This can be done by sharing a screenshot of the request or sharing a PDF of the confirmation from the DAF.

If you have any questions about making a grant via a Donor-Advised Fund, please e-mail

Donor-Advised Fund Submission Form

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Please provide any additional instructions or comments for us!