Cornell Family Fellows

Your student has embarked upon a special time of academic rigor and exploration at one of the world’s best universities. We invite your family to take part in this journey.

Support Cornell

With a gift of $10,000 or more each year, you join the Cornell Family Fellows–investing further in Cornell, supporting the academic success of all of our students, and gaining a special perspective about our campus, our faculty and staff, and other parents.

Through the Cornell Family Fellows, a gift that changes the lives of others can be life-changing for you, too.

Each spring, Cornell Family Fellows are invited to Ithaca for a special program. Members of the Cornell Family Fellows are also invited to regional events and to webinars hosted by campus leaders.

Our Cornell community is enriched by student activities; intercollegiate and intramural athletics; religious organizations; creative work; living and learning communities; and more. Participating in our active campus community helps students thrive, find new passions, and develop leadership skills. Family philanthropy helps to keep and grow the vitality of our campus environment and student life.
—Ryan T. Lombardi, EdD Vice President, Division of Student and Campus Life

Cornell Families

Perhaps you are already a proud alumni family. Or maybe your child is the first to become a Cornellian. Either way, having a student in your family brings new insights and interest in Cornell.

The Cornell Family Fellows are invited to Ithaca each spring for a special weekend program that includes:

  • Personal interaction with the deans of the colleges, university leadership, professors, and staff
  • Seminars of substance from top faculty in diverse fields
  • Opportunities to get to know other families with a breadth of philanthropic interests and a love for Cornell
  • A forum for discussing the impact of family philanthropy
  • Time with your student–to model philanthropic involvement, to see how the real Cornell experience is going, and to have fun
  • A look at Cornell for your high-school-aged children or proud grandparents

Power of Philanthropy

Each year, families make their students’ university attendance possible by providing significant financial support–tuition, room and board, and expenses. Additional philanthropy allows Cornell to give students the best possible education and invest in today’s top priorities:

  • Hiring faculty, thoughtfully, in advance of a wave of expected retirement
  • Investing in evolving academic fields such as sustainability, economics, and technology
  • Funding students in need
  • Developing world-class facilities