Giving with impact: How one alumna is assisting many Afghans

In August 2021, Sharifa Sharifi was working as general manager of the Afghan National Gallery in Herat, Afghanistan’s third largest city, when the government collapsed and the Taliban took control of her country. As an employee of the fallen government, a professional woman, an outspoken advocate for women’s rights, and an artist whose paintings celebrated … Read the full story

Government Service Scholarship Announced

Established in 2021 by the Hon. Christy C. Wiegand ’00 and her husband, John F. (Jay) Hammond ’00, the Hon. Christy C. Wiegand Government Service Scholarship will be awarded annually to a 2L or 3L student who pursues government service legal work during law school, with aspirations to continue doing so post-graduation. Judge Wiegand credits her meaningful experience … Read the full story

Cornell’s Public Interest Low-Income Protection Plan (PILIPP) encourages students to pursue careers in public interest law

Americans have become keenly aware of how the law affects every aspect of our lives, from criminal justice to environmental protection, from housing law to voting rights. We’re also more cognizant than ever that a citizen’s socioeconomic status can be a determining factor in whether rights are protected and laws are applied equitably in our … Read the full story

Lawyering as a high calling: Joe Calabrese JD ’81 creates the Gerard R. and Anna M. Calabrese Scholarship

Joe Calabrese JD ’81, grew up in Paterson, N.J., where his father ran a small business. He noticed that when his father—a first-generation Italian immigrant with an eighth-grade education—had a problem, he always turned to his lawyer for help. “I saw lawyering as a high calling,” Calabrese recalls. “Lawyers were people who were called upon … Read the full story