Partnering for the greatest good

In this year’s Stewardship Report, we highlight some of the ways our faculty, students, and donors are working to do the greatest good they can do for current and future generations. Their work is an important reminder of how Cornellians carry the remarkable potential to transform lives and communities all over the world.

These accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without the support Cornell receives through its endowment funds and its many partnerships with donors. These investments provide essential and permanent support for our exceptional students and faculty, ensuring that Cornell’s pursuit to do the greatest possible good sustains for our time, and for all time.


My scholarship has helped me get clarity in what I want to do with my life. I want to make a difference in the world through my work and who I am as a person. I want to find a passion to pursue that will directly impact the world. I want to be able to discover the impossible. I believe in the impossible, and through my time at Cornell, I want to come a little closer to discovering who I am.
—2023 scholarship recipient

Graduates smiling and laughing while arm-in-arm

Investing in potential

Cornell grads representing class years across seven decades establish new undergraduate affordability scholarships.


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Cornell Academic Materials Program delivers savings, reduces undergraduate stress

Undergraduate students at Cornell collectively saved an estimated $2.88 million—or about $145 per student per semester on average—because of the success of the Cornell Academic Materials Program (CAMP).

Launched in fiscal year 2023, this optional, university-wide program makes the cost of educational materials more predictable for students and families, reducing the stress and burden of searching for low-cost materials from different sources.


Faculty at the frontier

Translating knowledge into action for the greater good

Cornell’s presence extends far beyond its campuses, largely thanks to remarkable advances by our faculty to improve lives in the real world. A firm commitment to partnering across disciplines and within communities is a driving force behind Cornell faculty members’ teaching, scholarship, research, and public engagement.

Strength in numbers

Flowers bloom in front of McGraw Tower in the spring

University endowment reports ‘solid’ return in FY 2023

Cornell’s endowment achieved a 3.6% return in the fiscal year ending June 30, adding a net investment gain of $355 million to finish the year valued at just over $10 billion.

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A call to do the greatest good

Learn more about the campaign, why it matters now, and the leaders guiding our efforts forward.

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