Every gift makes a difference.

Annual fund gifts impact nearly all programs and people at Cornell. Gifts to annual funds support top priorities like financial aid, improving education, and research and community outreach that make the world a better place. Annual fund gifts provide a key part of Cornell’s funding each year. We’re counting on you!

Your gift helps students.

Every annual fund gift helps Cornell continue to be a place where anyone can thrive, regardless of their financial circumstances. Cornell’s per-student endowment is the lowest among our Ivy League peers. Annual fund gifts fill the gap and allow students to pursue their dreams and make the most of their Cornell experience.

Your gift is flexible.

Annual fund gifts provide financial support when deans and directors need it most. Last year, annual funds helped with pandemic-related expenses like unanticipated tuition support, emergency funding to send students home, and the unexpected costs of moving education online. Annual funds can help a dean get a new program started or bring a speaker to campus. At other times, annual funds support projects, research, and community outreach that make the world a better place. Anything is possible!

Your gift has power.

Since annual fund gifts are meant to be spent in the year given, they make an immediate impact. An annual fund gift has roughly twenty times more spending power than an endowed gift. No matter how much you give, every dollar works hard to provide resources to the areas you love. And with many annual funds to choose from, you can direct your support to an area of the university that is important to you.

Have questions or need to contact us? Email us at cornell_fund@cornell.edu.

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